Feed Preservation

Preserving the quality and profit potential of stored feeds, silages and ingredients

Product Line Summary


Furst-McNess Company offers a 3-Goal Feed Presentation and Improvement Program that is flexible to meet your needs as you define them. Our quality inoculants were created to help drive a robust fermentation and optimize silage stability.



Goal 1: A robust fermentation.

Microsile forms the foundation of the McNess silage inoculant program. Microsile is a highly active combination of three strains of lactic acid bacteria and microbial stimulants screened for their ability to drive a brisk and robust fermentation promoting optimal, quality silages and high-moisture grains.

Added enhancements to this foundational formulation are available based on specific customer goals and requirements. Each additional organism and enzyme used is screened under the same exhaustive research as the foundation bacteria.

Silage Starter Pro-B


Goal 2: Robust fermentation AND increased aerobic stability at feed out.

Silage Starter Pro-B adds aerobic stability to the crafting of high-quality silages and high-moisture grains. This is achieved through the addition of a fourth strain of lactic acid bacteria, which uniquely produces acetic acid when fermented feeds are exposed to oxygen inhibiting mold and yeast growth, maintaining a low pH and optimal palatability.

Silage Starter Advance


Goal 3: Robust fermentation AND increased stability AND improved NDF digestibility.

In addition to proper fermentation and stability, Goal three also improves the digestibility of NDF.

Recent enzyme technologies enable Silage Starter Advance inoculants to separate the energy-containing cellulose fraction of forages from the lignin. This increases the digestibility of NDF making more energy available to the animal – even from more mature stands than desired. Silage Starter Advance products are crop-specific formulations targeting the unique fiber configurations of common forages without compromising the structural integrity of the feed.

Profresh Plus


Gain control over molds, yeasts and biogenic amines. Profresh Plus is a dry, powdered, 50% buffered propionic acid product delivering both quick knockdown and timed-released control over molds and yeasts helping to preserve the nutrients, palatability and overall quality of processed feeds, silages and total mixed rations (TMRs).

Early Bale Plus


Gain control over molds and yeasts. Early Bale Plus delivers the highest possible concentration of propionic acid in a buffered form. Convenient and easy to apply, Early Bale Plus kills molds and slows yeasts helping to preserve the nutrients, palatability and overall quality of hay, processed feeds, total mixed rations and silages.



Ecocool™ is for use on forage based crops that are at risk of aerobic instability.

Ecocool™ Grain


Ecocool™ Grain is for use on grain based crops (i.e. high moisture corn, earlage, snaplage) that are at risk of aerobic instability.