We choose excellence and deliver great service.

We support positive, professional relationships.

We build teams through respect,
trustworthiness, and integrity.

We are committed to innovation
and continued growth and education.

What we do

We deliver our nutrition technologies and our new health and technology products seamlessly side by side.

Furst Animal Health

As we look forward, we create value for our clients with innovative animal health and technology products. We use teamwork to solve problems and research to prove solutions.

McNess Nutrition

For over 100 years, Furst-McNess has delivered customized commercial feed, feed ingredients, and consulting to our clients. We remain committed to high-quality, performance-based feed technologies with the best ingredients.

Our history


Frank E. Furst and Frederick W. McNess came of age as entrepreneurs in the small industrial town of Freeport, IL.


The year the stock market crashed, we expanded our Freeport facility by nearly 60,000 square feet to keep pace with demand.


We developed a simplified and efficient process of tablet production to manufacture vanilla tablets for the U.S. Army under war contracts, which later evolved into an export business in Asia.


Fred McNess and Harold Marsh modernized mineral products into vitamin and mineral premixes as the company’s manufacturing base expanded from only consumer goods to include livestock feed.


We unveiled one of the first computerized ration-balancing programs in the industry.


We acquired the Canada-based Miracle Feeds, a commodities and brewers grain company, and the Furst-McNess Company became a North-American based, multinational company.


We invested in a state-of-the-art swine research facility, solidifying our commitment to research-driven products proven on farm.


We acquired Big Gain Wisconsin LLC, joining two already-strong livestock feed and nutrition companies to better serve the needs of the livestock producers in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states.


We launched our Furst Animal Health branding to distinguish our innovative health and technology products.


Now, the Furst-McNess Company is a multinational family business in its fourth generation, celebrating over 100 years of business success.