Profresh Plus

Gain control over molds and yeast

A targeted Resilience Program solution.

  • Improves stability of TMRs, silages and processed feeds
  • Supports feed intakes
  • Lasting protection from molds and yeasts
  • Maintains quality of amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids
  • Prevents slug feeding and associated digestive upsets
  • Restricts the formation of anti-immune factors
  • Profresh Plus is a dry 50% Buffered Propionic Acid preservative that delivers both quick knockdown and timed-released control over molds and yeasts.
  • 50% fully buffered propionic acid
  • Unique combination of carriers
  • 50 pound foil lined and heat-sealed bags
  • Dark brown granular texture with a pungent aroma
  • Store in a cool dry place in original sealed packaging
  • Use within two years from date of purchase
  • Propionic Acid 50%
  • Crude Fat, max 0.3%
  • Crude Fiber, max 1.0%