Total Calf™ Starter

Set calves up for a successful weaning

    • Helps prevent scours, respiratory illness and coccidiosis caused by 

Eimeria bovis

    •  and 

Eimeria zuernii

  • Provides ideal protein-to-energy ratio
  • Supports immune function and calf health
  • Enhances and supports rumen development
  • Helps control fly population (ClariFly®)
  • Balances lean growth, calf health, rumen development and cost of gain
  • Offers a flexible range of highly-digestible proteins and carbohydrate sources designed to get calves off to the best start possible based on individual needs and goals
  • Formulated to balance the nutrient requirements of growing calves as their diets shift from primarily liquid to completely dry starter at weaning
  • Contains select yeast fermentation metabolites to support immune function and calf health
  • Allows flaked or rolled corn and clean whole oat options
  • Customizable to fit individual dairy needs
  • 50 pound bags or bulk
  • Ability to customize on orders over 2 tons, including Deccox®, non-medicated, natural, organic, etc.
  • Hand feed continuously to calves to provide 0.14 to 1.0 mgs Monensin per pound body weight per day
  • Offer Calf Starter products at 3 to 4 days of age
  • Provide fresh starter daily
  • Provide fresh, clean water to calves at all times
  • Calves should be eating a minimum of 2 pounds of starter for 3 consecutive days before weaning
  • Do not change grain ration during periods of stress such as weaning, dehorning or regrouping