Optimize Pig Performance & Health


All-natural feed supplement

Pigs fed LeanFuel® from 150 pounds to market optimize performance and health.

LeanFuel® increases feed intake, improves pounds of pork out the door, and improves meat quality.

  • Innovative, all-natural feed supplement
  • Accepted by packers
    • Average Daily Gain (ADG)
    • Supports feed intake, even during summer months
    • Increases total pounds of pork
    • Supports livability
    • Proven to provide additional benefits when fed with Skycis®
  • Unique and proprietary combination of botanicals, phytonutrients and minerals, vitamins and artificial flavors.
    • LeanFuel® fed during late finishing optimizes performance and health.
    • LeanFuel® drives feed intake, ADG, pounds of pork out the door and meat quality.
  • Research has shown use in the last stages of finishing production improves ADG and increases uniformity.
  • No label restrictions
  • Standard feeding
    • 2.5 pounds per ton from 200 pounds body weight to market
  • Accelerated feeding
    • 2.5 pounds from 200 to 240 pounds body weight, and then 5.0 pounds from 240 pounds body weight to market
  • Application rates can be customized based on individual systems needs.
  • 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bags
  • 2000 lb. (907.2 kg) totes
  • Free-flowing fine particle meal
  • Natural feed supplement that uses only AAFCO approved ingredients
    • Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.
    • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
    • Avoid inhalation.

*NOTE: Always review SDS prior to handling.

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M.R. Bible, J.Y. Jacela, S.J. England, T.M. Fakler, K.T. Soltwedel and F.B. Sandberg (2018)
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F.B. Sandberg, S.J. England and M.R. Bible (2016)
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LeanFuel® Manufacturing Site

Research showed that LeanFuel® lead to higher body weight compared to Control; higher ADG than Control; and higher ADFI in gilts compared to Control.

Gilts usually need more energy and protein. LeanFuel® could be used to allow feeding of greater levels of DDGS in gilt rations to reduce feed costs, without loss of performance.

Journal of Animal Science, Volume 94, Issue suppl_2, April 2016, Page 97

Research showed that LeanFuel® increased ADFI, ADG and market weight in late finishing pigs; adding LeanFuel® to a low energy diet produced the same ADG as a high energy diet without LeanFuel®.

LeanFuel® produced heavier pigs at market and a leaner carcass than pigs fed the diet with added fat.

Journal of Animal Science, Volume 96, Issue suppl_2, April 2018, Pages 127–128

Research showed that LeanFuel® supported ADG in barrows (+2.5%), and supported ADG (+2.6%) and F:G (-4%) in gilts during the pre-marketing period in high health DNA 600 pigs when fed on top of a basal diet containing Narasin (Skycis®, Elanco)

Barrows had increased feed intake. Gilts had improved F:G.

Journal of Animal Science, Volume 97, Issue Supplement_2, July 2019, Pages 176–177