HP Ultimate

High-quality mini pellet

The ultimate starter for newly-weaned pigs

  • Readily accepted by weaned pigs as the sole ration
  • Reduces waste
  • Highly-efficient feed conversion
  • Can be used as a creep feed for the bottom 10% of pre-weaned pigs.
  • Multiple nutrient sources to increase digestibility and enhance feed intake
  • Ideal essential amino acid balance to ensure proper nutrition at every feeding
  • High levels of vitamins and minerals to support essential functions and processes within the growing piglet
  • Contains highly-digestible protein sources from bovine blood plasma, whey, soy protein concentrate, spray-dried eggs and fish meal.
  • A high-quality mini pellet (2.0mm) to be used as a complete ration, formulated with highly-digestible ingredients to supply the nutrients required for pigs weaned at 10 to 13 pounds.
  • The first feed following weaning
  • Available with Mecadox or *CTC/Denegard
  • No label restrictions
  • For mixing directions, please consult your¬†Furst-McNess Sales/Technical Representative.
  • 50 pound (22.7 kg) bags
  • Free-flowing mini pellet with a sweet aroma
  • Natural feed supplement that uses only AAFCO-approved ingredients
  • Not for human consumption
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid inhalation
  • Note: Always review Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to handling.