Essential timely protection from digestive upsets and stress

A targeted Resilience Program solution.

  • Maintains feed intake during diet changes and challenges
  • Modulates rumen pH and health
  • Enhances fiber and starch breakdown
  • Guards against hind-gut fermentation
  • Aids digestion, nutrient absorption and energy utilization
  • Balances gut microflora
  • Defends gut barrier function and health
  • Supports overall health and productivity
  • A highly concentrated source of ingredients that symbiotically support rumen function, downstream gut integrity and overall health of cattle and calves during periods of stress, diet changes and digestive upset
  • Internationally-proven live cell yeast
  • Five select strains of probiotic bacillus
  • Concentrated source of MOS and yeast metabolites
  • Targeted fiber and starch-degrading enzymes
  • Antimicrobial enzyme activities
  • 20 kilogram (44.1 pound) white multi-wall paper bags
  • Beige fine meal texture with yeast aroma
  • Store in a cool dry place in original packaging
  • Use within one year from date of purchase
  • Feed 5 to 10 grams per head per day blended into the TMR based on degree of challenge, age of animal and stage of lactation
  • Consult your nutritional advisor for specific recommendations
  • Crude Protein, min 35%
  • Crude Fat, min 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber, max 4.0%
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R404 @ 2.0 x 10^ 9 cfu/g
  • Proprietary probiotic bacteria @ 6.0 x 10^8 cfu/g