Gold Pro™

For starter pigs

Essential protein and energy source for piglets

Feeding young animals requires the use of highly-digestible, and highly-biologically available ingredients. Gold Pro™ has a unique amino acid composition and high-energy content, which is of critical value in the formulation of starter diets for pigs. Gold Pro™ is entirely vegetarian, containing no animal protein. It is a combination of corn and yeast protein that have been carefully produced through proprietary processes, creating a highly-digestible protein ingredient, reaching a crude protein content of 48-50%, and has a unique amino acid composition of lysine at 2.36%, valine at 2.90% and isoleucine at 2.23% – allowing for flexible formulations and significant cost savings in starter rations. Research has shown noteworthy improvements in livability when fed Gold Pro™ and replacing NF8 (fermented soybean meal) with a reduction in mortality by 2.5% (Sandberg et al. 2015), and more recently by replacing HP300 (Sandberg et al. In Press).

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