Geese & Ducks

Maximize feed efficiency and weight gain

The Geese and Duck Feeding Program is structured to deliver high-quality nutrition, aiming to optimize feed efficiency and enhance overall performance. The expansion technology used by Furst-McNess to make the crumbles and mini pellets applies pressure, temperature and steam to produce better feed conversion and help reduce the potential for mycotoxins and molds to form.

Weeks of Age
Total lbs/Bird
0 – 4
Starter Non-Medicated
23% Poultry Chick/Duck Starter Quality Mini Crumbles (50lb)
23% protein complete feed in mini crumble form for starting meta-type birds and ducks
Product Code: B7600
4 – Market
Duck & Goose XMP (50lb) 18% pellet for finishing and maintaining ducks, gees and turkeys
Product Code: B7110
Breeder Non-medicated
Gamebird Breeder Mini Pellet (50lb)
20.5% mini pellet for breeding age ducks, geese, gamebirds and turkeys
Product Code: B7975

Special Technology Products for Geese and Ducks

Viribus™ Essentials is a combination of powerful phytonutrients that helps support bird’s health and performance in challenging conditions. Viribus™ Essentials aids in supporting gut health, feed efficiency, growth rate and livability, while reducing feed cost and ammonia excretion. The proprietary combination of ingredients in Viribus™ Essentials enables the birds to successfully adapt to nutritional, environmental and health stress factors, which help improve the overall performance of the bird. This natural feed supplement uses only AAFCO-approved ingredients and can be used in all classes of birds.

Furst Protect Direct™ provides nutritional support to poultry during health challenges via drinking water. Contains an exclusive essential oil that is a source of key phytonutrients, and unique natural extracts that are an additional source of key antioxidants. Furst Protect Direct™ can be used in all classes of poultry.

Furst Strike Direct™ provides nutritional support to poultry during health challenges via drinking water. The exclusive proprietary source of monoglycerides of short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids, with a focus to long-chain and medium-chain mono-glycerides helps support gut health and overall health of poultry resulting in improved water and feed intake during health challenges. Furst Strike Direct™ can be used in all classes of poultry.

StartAid Chick Gel is a unique formula developed by our partners Mervue Laboratories Ireland to provide quick hydration, energy, early gut protection and development. This product has been tested across many countries and environments and is exclusively available through Furst-McNess Company in North America.

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