Furst Step™ Milk Replacer

Your Calves. Your Future. Their Furst Step.

Furst Step™ Milk Replacers offer a range of formulations focused on delivering the right balance of lean growth, calf health and cost of gain to meet your goals.

Each Furst Step™ Milk Replacer delivers:

  • Consistent Results
    Consistent in quality, digestibility, aroma and flavor that provides uniform results
  • Lean Structural Growth
    Quality milk proteins that support structural development and a robust metabolism
  • Gut Health Support
    Contains a unique combination of ingredients that support digestion, product stability and a healthy microflora balance
  • Immune Support
    Has the optimum balance and bioavailability of minerals, vitamins and prebiotics that support the immune system
  • Added Stability
    Mildly acidified for improved stability and digestibility
  • Easy Mixing
    Emulsified and instantized added digestibility and no-hassle feeding

Additional features in select varieties:

  • Improved Protein Efficiency
    Amino acid balanced formulation that delivers optimal growth at a lower total protein content cutting product cost per unit of protein
  • Pathogen Defense
    Contains ingredients that prevent scours, respiratory illness and coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuernii
  • Fly Control
    Include a larvicide (ClariFly®) to aid in prevention of flies from developing in and emerging from the manure, where flies lay their eggs
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