Furst Boost™

(oral drench)

For newborn, fallback, and at-risk piglets

Give every pig a fighting chance.

  • Nutritionally supports piglets with scours in health-challenged situations
  • Highly effective for rescuing fallback pigs
  • Can be used as a nutritional supplement when quality colostrum is limited
  • Supports health, milk intake and nutrient absorption
  • Promotes:
    • Livability
    • Number of full-value pigs weaned
    • Greater weaning weight
    • Uniformity in weight of weaned pigs
  • Supports gut health
  • An oral drench consisting of a unique and proprietary combination of probiotic bacteria, concentrated yeast-based fermentation extract, micronutrients, pathogen-specific spray-dried polyclonal egg antibodies, organic acids and botanical extracts
  • No label restrictions
  • One dose equals 2 ml.
  • One pump delivers a single 2 ml dose.
  • Standard usage:
    • Supplement all piglets 12 to 36 hours after birth with one dose. Repeat after 24 hours as needed.
  • Use with large litters:
    • Give to the smallest 1/3 of piglets as nutritional support. Repeat after 24 hours as needed.
  • Use during health challenges:
    • Give one dose to pigs in fallback pens in nurseries and wean-to-finish barns. Repeat after 24 hours as needed.
  • 6 – 16 ounce bottles (1,200 doses) with 2 – 2 ml pumps
  • 12 – 8 ounce bottles (1,200 doses) with 12 – 2 ml pumps
  • Thick, brownish liquid with a strong aroma
  • Natural feed supplement that uses only AAFCO-approved ingredients
  • No Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) required
  • Not for human consumption
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • Avoid freezing.

Note: Always review Safety Data Sheet (SDS) prior to handling.