First Boost Premier-Availa® 4

Combat stress and promote a fast start

  • Helps combat stress and promote a fast start when fed to weaned calves, stressed cattle or newly-received cattle
  • Maintains health, growth and reproductive performance
  • Supports and strengthens immune system function
  • Provides high levels of available trace minerals and vitamins
  • A unique mineral package formulated to provide high-quality, biologically-available minerals and vitamins
  • Contains Zinpro Availa® 4 Performance Minerals, featuring the complexes of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt. Organic trace minerals are highly available and have been shown to increase immune response during the first 30 days post arrival while keeping calves healthier overall.
  • Made to be highly palatable so that cattle will consistently consume
  • Feed 2.5 ounces/head/day for the first 21 days cattle are in the feedlot
  • Supplies no medication – add medication of your choice
  • May be fed free choice, top dressed or mixed with a complete ration
  • 50 pound bag