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CORE allows for more aggressive use of DDGs, wheat midds and soy hulls, and can greatly enhance the energy utilization of soybean meal – the net result is reduced feed cost and improved cost per pound of gain.

Why use CORE in your formulation?
Responses of growing-finishing pigs to two levels of a multi-enzyme blend (Natuzyme) as compared to pigs fed a lower energy-higher fiber, or a higher energy-lower fiber diet

F. B. Sandberg, S. J. England, and M. R. Bible

Furst-McNess Company, Freeport, IL

Abstract #292
Amino acid digestibility of a modified corn byproduct (Gold Pro™) with and without a multi-enzyme supplement (CORE™) when fed to weanling pigs

T. Soltwedel1, F.B. Sandberg1, W. B. Kwon2, H. H. Stein2, S. J. England1, M. R. Bible1, T. M. Fakler1, and J. Y. Jacela1

1Furst-McNess Company, Freeport, IL; 2University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Abstract #279
Effects of feeding a multi-enzyme and probiotic bacteria blend (CORE™) on performance of nursery pigs fed a highly digestible diet

F.B. Sandberg1, H.D. Wilt2, S.J. England1, T.M. Fakler1, K.T. Soltwedel1, and M.R. Bible1

1Furst-McNess Company, Freeport, IL; 2GVC Research LLC, Monroe City, MO

Abstract #221