Co-Product Fortifier 0.50

Optimize gain and feed efficiency

  • Optimizes gain and feed efficiency for feedlot cattle
  • Provides supplemental minerals and vitamins for growing and finishing cattle
  • Helps prevent nervous disorders (polioencephalomalacia PEM) commonly associated with corn co-product diets
  • Aids in the maintenance of health, growth and reproductive performance
  • Specially formulated to take advantage of nutrients already present in corn-co-products
  • Contains high levels of vitamins and calcium for proper ration fortification
  • Available in non-medicated and multiple medicated variations
  • No added phosphorus, which makes for significant cost savings
  • Thoroughly mix 0.30 to 0.50 pounds per head per day. Follow complete feed mixing directions on the label for medicated options.
  • 50 pound bag
  • Available in non-medicated and medicated forms