Calf/Heifer Minerals

Increase feed efficiency and immune function

  • Helps prevent scours, respiratory illness and coccidiosis by adding Rumensin® and prebiotic ingredients
  • Provides minerals and vitamins that rapidly-growing animals normally require – a complete mineral package
  • Supports important dairy replacement heifer development factors such as feed efficiency and immune function by providing proper trace mineral nutrition
  • Formulated to balance the nutrient requirements of growing calves as their diets shift
  • Wide selection of products to meet various nutritional needs, performance goals and producer preferences
  • Customizable to fit individual dairy needs
  • 50 pound bags or bulk
  • Ability to customize on orders over 2 tons, including Deccox®, natural, organic, etc.
  • Thoroughly mix into grain
  • Do not feed undiluted
  • Feed as part of a balanced heifer ration along with adequate amounts of good-quality forage and grains
  • Follow mixing and feed directions from tags