Bova-Breeder Premier Availa® 4

Prime your herd for better performance

Bova-Breeder Premier products contain a similar nutrient profile to the Bova-Min and Breeder product lines. The difference is that at the recommended feeding rate they will receive the full rate of Zinpro’s Availa® 4 and double the Vitamin E level. Also available with Bio-Mos® to support gut health and integrity.

  • Bova-Breeder Premier 6 – Availa® 4 is a product designed for use with grass based forages.
  • Bova-Breeder Premier 9 –Availa® 4 is designed to be used on mixed legume grass based forages.
  • Bova-Breeder Premier 6-MOS – Availa® 4
  • Bova-Breeder Premier 9-MOS – Availa® 4

Key Benefits

beef cattle in pasture

Product Description

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