Bova Beef

Optimize health and productivity of pasture cattle​

McNess Bova Beef products are designed to provide the supplemental minerals and vitamins essential to the health and productivity of beef cattle. Formulated with palatability enhancers for free choice feeding, cattle consume Bova Beef products consistently. Vitamin supplementation ensures adequacy during periods when cattle are on hay or stock-piled pastures. Variable phosphorous levels between the products allow for optimal supplementation with varying forage and soil types.

  • Bova Beef 6 is a complete mineral product designed for grass-based forages in areas needing a 6% phosphorous product.
  • Bova Beef Mag is a complete mineral with 4% phosphorus and 14% magnesium designed to provide high levels of magnesium to cattle at risk of developing grass tetany.
  • Bova Beef 6 Altosid contains Altosid IGR to prevent the emergence of adult horn flies from the manure of treated cattle.

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