Bova Beef Mineral 6 – Altosid®

Control the horn fly population attacking your herd

  • Contains Altosid® IGR (Insect Growth Regulator)
  • Prevents adult horn flies from emerging from manure of treated cattle
  • Provides high levels of trace minerals and vitamins
  • Reduces breeding and cleaning problems
  • Builds healthy immune systems in both cows and calves
  • Safe for all cattle and the environment
  • A mineral designed to be used on grass and mixed legume grass-based forages.
  • Includes Altosid®, which helps:
    • Keep condition on cows by reducing stress and activity associated with biting flies
    • Improve weaning weights – research indicates calves wean 10-25 pounds heavier when fly control is successful
  • 50 pound bag
  • Available in the following states: AR, AK, FL, GA, IA, GA
  • Availability subject to change.
  • Feed this product to cattle only.
  • When used as directed, McNess Bova-Beef Mineral 6-Altosid® will provide sufficient S-methoprene insect growth regulator to prevent the emergence of adult horn flies from manure treated cattle. Existing adult horn flies will not be affected.
  • Start feeding before horn flies appear and continue use until cold weather marks the end of the horn fly season.
  • Allow free choice to cattle.
  • Cattle should consume an average of 0.286 ounces per 100 pounds of cattle body weight per day, which is equivalent to 4 ounces per day for a 1,400 pound cow.