Beyond Feed Mitigation

Johnston, Iowa, August 31, 2020:  After extensive research, product development and commercial testing, Furst Animal Health has launched FURST PROTECT™, its first product that specifically focuses to providing nutrients for the immune system. FURST PROTECT™ was recently evaluated in a study by Dee et al. (2020) and found to be a significant tool for supporting pigs when exposed to viral disease (PRRS 174, PEDv and SVA) through a contaminated feed challenge model. The elegant study design demonstrated that FURST PROTECT™ was still able to maintain the health of the pig by supporting the pig’s immune system even though viable viruses were present in the feed.

FURST PROTECT™ is a comprehensive product that provides pigs, poultry and calves with multiple highly-available fatty acids and monoglycerides, along with several powerful natural antioxidants to support and maintain optimum health. Additional research by Furst Animal Health has shown that sow farm supplementation with FURST PROTECT™ can achieve significant long-term health support benefit for the gains of the whole production system as health flows downstream.

“What we’ve been able to accomplish through the development of FURST PROTECT goes well beyond feed mitigation,” according to Dr. Fredrik Sandberg, VP of Health and Nutrition. “Our exclusive nutrients including fatty acids, monoglycerides and antioxidants support both the innate and acquired immune response supporting the animal from challenges and helping the animal win,” Sandberg added.

“Feed mitigants are getting a lot of attention today, and for good reason,” according to Steve England, Executive Vice President, “but FURST PROTECT™ is more than that.  It’s more than a MCT and more than a straight monoglyceride.  We believe it’s the most comprehensive feed supplement on the market today. It’s our first feed product that truly achieves nutrition for the immune system in a comprehensive manner, and the results we’re seeing lead me to believe we’ve delivered something to the swine industry that will make a real difference to the producer and their herds.”

For more information about FURST PROTECT™, visit, or call Furst Animal Health’s sales and research office in Johnston, Iowa, at 815-801-2744.

Reference: Dee et al. (2020) Transboundary Emerging Disease 00: 1-13