Beef Program

Through industry-recognized feeding programs and science-based products, the Furst-McNess Company has become a leader in the beef industry. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality mineral and vitamin premixes and protein supplements, along with the most up-to-date nutritional research and consultation available in the industry. Our primary goals are to assist cattlemen in reducing their costs of production, increasing animal performance and optimizing the available forage and grain resources.

Furst-McNess designs optimal nutritional and management programs for cow/calf, stocker and feedlot operations based on available feed resources. We evaluate the overall year-round programs on a cost per head per year basis, which brings the greatest return to an operation, rather than looking at different, and sometimes uncomplimentary, programs during the year. Our year-long supplement programs provide greater health and productivity of cows, calves and bulls. Wheather you're feeding high-quality McNess free-choice mineral and vitamin premixes, protein supplements, protein tubs or cubes, McNess products are designed to improve your bottom line and enable you to return greater overall profit to your operation. 

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