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McNess LEAN FUEL® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for pigs from 150 pounds to market.  Lean Fuel® is an all-natural, non-GMO, heavily-researched technology that supports feed intake and maintains health, which may lead to improved uniformity and growth in pigs. Research has shown that LEAN FUEL® supports excellent feed intake and growth (Sandberg et al. 2015), and several trials have shown improvements in yield, and therefore carcass feed efficiency. Further research has shown improved Iodine values in both the belly and the jowl, which may be beneficial in certain systems.


FURST BOOST™ is an oral drench that delivers a blend of nutritional technologies including probiotic bacteria, yeast-based fermentation extract and spray-dried egg powder to nutritionally support piglets.  FURST BOOST™ can be used to supplement piglets 12 to 24 hours after birth, as a colostrum supplement or in fall back pens in nurseries. On-farm research has shown FURST BOOST™ to be highly effective at nutritionally supporting piglets with scours in health challenged situations such as E. coli, Rota Virus A, B and C as well as PEDv.

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Furst Water Boost BottlesMcNess FURST WATER BOOST™ is a unique water application technology that nutritionally supports piglets during the nursery phase or in high-stress transitions.  Delivered through the drinking water, FURST WATER BOOST™ combines and delivers three specific strains of probiotic bacteria with a concentrated yeast-based fermentation extract, key botanical extracts, organic acids and flavors, to support gut health.  This easy-to-use product mixes well, and is recommended for use in the first 3 days post-weaning, or as a nutritional supplement at the onset of diarrhea.  Pigs’ stomachs are often challenged when they are transferring from a complex starter diet to a simpler corn/soy diet around week 2 to 3; using FURST WATER BOOST™ can ease this transition and decrease the negative impact on performance. Moving pigs from a nursery to a finisher can be another stressor; using FURST WATER BOOST™ for the first 1 to 3 days may be highly beneficial in limiting the effects of this pressure. One case supplies approximately 1,200 animals for a three-day supplementation period.


Furst Finisher H2O BottlesMcNess FURST FINISHER H2O™ is a unique water application technology that nutritionally supports pigs during the finishing phase.  This technology is conveniently delivered through the drinking water and delivers a combination of three specific strains of probiotic bacteria, concentrated yeast-based fermentation extract, key botanical extracts, organic acids and flavors.  FURST FINISHER H2O is recommended for use upon placement in a new facility to ease the stressful transition, during health challenges to support gut health and in late finishing to support water and feed consumption.  This easy-to-use product mixes well, is used for 3 to 7 days (repeating as necessary) and is available in three convenient quantities (6 - 16 oz. bottes, 2 gallons/case or 4 gallons/case) to accommodate your specific size of operation.


Energy is the most costly part of a pig’s diet. Not all enzymes (or blends of enzymes) are created equal, and when enzymes of optimum quality are used at the correct levels, they can offer significant savings in feed costs. McNess CORE™ is a combination of carefully produced and selected levels of six primary enzymes (alpha amylase, beta-glucanase, cellulase, xylanase, protease and phytase) and two pro-biotic bacterias (Bacillus subtilus and Bacillus lichenformis) that synergistically facilitate the digestion of different fractions of plant materials. Supporting the digestion of feed stuffs, and supporting a balanced and even feed intake, allows for uniform growth. The individual components of CORE™, as well as how those components interact with each other, have been heavily researched and are shown to improve feed intake, nutrient digestibility and carcass uniformity.


Furst-McNess NATURE’S FUEL® utilizes exclusive, heavily-researched, patent-pending technology for sows in both gestation and lactation.  NATURE’S FUEL® supports the sow’s feed intake during lactation, milk production, digestion efficiency, as well as general health and welfare.  Extensive research suggests an improvement in piglet weaning weights, reduced incidence of stillborn, improved piglet viability and improved immunoglobulin content of sow’s milk. 


McNess EQUALIZE™ SWINE is a direct-fed microbial that is designed to maintain production in pigs at all stages.  EQUALIZE™ SWINE also contains a unique combination of yeast cell walls, enzymes and yeast metabolites together with polar hydrated aluminosilicate clays.  EQUALIZE™ SWINE contains a patented technology for maintaining the performance of pigs and livestock.  By sustaining feed intake, the growth and reproductive performance can be preserved at acceptable levels.  It can be added to rations for assuring feed quality and palatability. For even greater success, combine EQUALIZE™ SWINE with a high-quality mold inhibitor such as propionic acid. 


McNess FURST STEP utilizes exclusive technology for the newborn pig still in the crate, and is used starting four days pre-weaning.  FURST STEP familiarizes the piglet with the smell and texture of hard feed, thereby facilitating easier transition to feed post-weaning. Besides its unique palatability technology to support post-weaning feed intake, Furst Step is designed to provide the pig with high levels of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria that have been shown in research to competitively exclude opportunistic pathogens that may challenge the pig post-weaning.  Furst-McNess FURST STEP is NOT A COMPLETE FEED and should not be considered a sole ration.


McNess WEAN FUEL® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for the newly-weaned pig, and can be formulated into the first 20 pounds of complete feed per pig. WEAN FUEL® is a key technology included in nearly all Furst-McNess starter feeds, with the only exception of vegetarian feeding programs where spray dried eggs are not allowed.  WEAN FUEL® supports feed intake and health post-weaning, and through extensive testing and published research, has shown improvements in mortality by several percentage points.  With production costs being driven by throughput, finding ways to maximize livability and full value pigs is key.  WEAN FUEL® can be used as a complete replacement for plasma, and with correct formulation, feed costs can be reduced.  Sandberg et al. (2015) showed that pigs fed WEAN FUEL® had better feed efficiency and livability compared to pigs fed plasma in antibiotic-free diets, and Sandberg et al. (2016) showed that WEAN FUEL® improved livability in pigs fed diets with antibiotics, as well as with different levels of soybean meal immediately post-weaning. 


McNess INSTANT BITE is designed to be used as a top dress for the first two to three days post-weaning to stimulate post-weaning feed intake, ideally as a gruel feed.  INSTANT BITE, which is extremely palatable and highly digestible, comes in meal form utilizing WEAN FUEL® technology and provides extremely high levels of sugars, amino acids and Vitamins E & C.  Instant Bite is ideally suited to be used in fall back pens, or to help small pigs (7 to 10 pounds) thrive.


Feeding young animals requires the use of highly-digestible, and highly-biologically available ingredients. GOLD PRO™ has a unique amino acid composition and high energy content, which is of critical value in the formulation of starter diets for pigs.  GOLD PRO™ is entirely vegetarian, containing no animal protein.  It is a combination of corn and yeast protein that have been carefully produced through proprietary processes, creating a highly-digestible protein ingredient, reaching a crude protein content of 48-50%, and has a unique amino acid composition of lysine at 2.36%, valine at 2.90% and isoleucine at 2.23% – allowing for flexible formulations and significant cost savings in starter rations.  Research has shown noteworthy improvements in livability when fed Gold Pro™ and replacing NF8 (fermented soybean meal) with a reduction in mortality by 2.5% (Sandberg et al. 2015), and more recently by replacing HP300 (Sandberg et al. In Press).


REPRO FUEL is designed for modern highly prolific sows that are capable of producing a large number of piglets. These piglets require large amounts of milk to support their high growth potential. A sow’s milk production is largely driven by the milk consumption of her litter so the piglets put a tremendous demand on the sow. Feed intake for sows during lactation is critical to support excellent milk production without the sow mobilizing her own body reserves. With the sow willing to sacrifice herself to adequately feed her litter, the results of depressed feed intake at this stage of production can lead to excessive weight loss. This weight loss has the potential to lead to a wide range of reproductive issues including increased wean to first service interval, reduced farrowing rates, and reduced total born in subsequent parities.


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