Pig Starters

High Performance Pig Starters

The McNess High Performance Pig Starter Program utilizes multiple nutrient sources to provide high digestibility and enhanced intake of feed for early-weaned pigs. This combination yields High Performance in the post-weaning period.

Multiple carbohydrate sources allow the early-weaned pig to digest and use more energy.
Lactose (milk sugar) provides readily digestible energy to the young pig, this is supplemented with sucrose (table sugar) and pre-cooked starch from small grains. Pre-cooking makes the glucose in the starch more accessible to the limited amount of starch digesting enzyme available in the newly weaned pig’s system.

Highly digestible fish meal, bovine blood plasma, soy protein concentrate, and spray-dried whole eggs are used with the amino acids lysine, threonine, methionine and tryptophan to produce an ideal balance of essential amino acids in the total rations. Protein from soybeans are introduced in a controlled manner in the series to allow time for the pig to adapt to soy protein without the growth check associated with introducing soy protein too quickly.

The mini-pellet (2.0 mm) form is readily accepted by weaned pigs. The high quality pellets reduce waste. Together this results in highly efficient conversion of feed to live weight gain.

The McNess HP Start pellet series consists of four base formulations, each with a unique place in the feeding of the weaned pig:

HP Ignitor 175

  • First feed to pigs weaned at 10 pounds of body weight.
  • Generally feed one pound before changing to the next ration.

HP Ultimate 165

  • First feed to pigs weaned at 12 pounds or started on HP Ignitor 175.
  • Generally feed one to two pounds before changing to the next ration.

HP Excellerator 160

  • Feed following HP Ultimate 165.
  • Generally feed three pounds per pig.
  • Follow with HP Excellerator 750 Mixer.

High Performance Pig Starter Premixes

The HP Start series of premixes are designed to follow HP Start 160 products in a nursery-feeding program. Together, the products fit into a series of rations that progress as the weanling pigs mature, allowing rapid growth without setbacks each time a ration is changed. Mixed with ground corn and soybean meal, the product completes the transition from milk to grower feed diets.

The McNess HP Start Premix series consists of three base formulations, each with its own unique place in the feeding of the weaned pig:

HP Excellerator 750 Mixer - 631100

  • Follows HP Excellerator 160 pellet
  • Generally feed 6 pounds per pig (complete feed basis) before changing to the next ration.

HP Launcher 400 Mixer - 632100

  • Follows HP Excellerator 750 Mixer
  • Generally feed 12 pounds per pig (complete feed basis) before changing to the next ration.

HP Starter Grower 100 Mixer - 633100

  • Follows HP Launcher 400 Mixer
  • Generally feed to 50 pounds bodyweight