About Us

Innovative Solutions From an Independent Company

The Furst-McNess Company is an independent agricultural company providing customized vitamin and mineral premix, commodity blends, and feed ingredients to the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industry throughout the United States and Canada. We provide customized solutions and alternatives to our agricultural clients which lead to enhanced livestock performance and profitability. In addition, we offer innovative solutions to suppliers for feed residuals from the food, beverage and biofuel industries.

Our commitments of delivering value and building trusting relationships are what clearly defines the Furst-McNess Company. It starts with our team of dedicated, solutions-based, customer-focused sales and marketing professionals that work one-on-one with the producer and production facilities. In turn, each team member has a strong support staff of merchandisers, PhD nutritionists and sales management to aid in the development of personalized programs for our customers. In addition, our staff of commodity and logistics professionals is one of the best in the industry with the knowledge and experience to deliver quality ingredients directly from the supplier to you.

Since 1908, the Furst-McNess Company has been helping farming communities succeed.