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Furst Force Calf Nutritional Supplement

FURST FORCE CALF is an oral drench designed specifically to support newborn calves during stressful situations. Utilizing a complex blend of nutritional technologies designed to support the animal, while providing the gastro-intestinal support calves need, especially those at-risk, Furst Force Calf has been shown to deliver multiple benefits, including: reduced death loss, decreased scours, stimulates suckling, reduced digestive upsets, improved calf viability and boosted IgA titers.  



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EQUALIZE™ DAIRY is a direct-fed microbial that is designed to be used in all phases of dairy production. The product contains a unique combination of yeast cell walls, enzymes and yeast metabolites together with polar hydrated aluminosilicate clays. Equalize™ Dairy contains a patented technology for maintaining the performance of the animal.  By improving rumen function, animal performance can be preserved at acceptable levels. This technology is backed by 15 years of research and practical experience – and several patented technologies.

Research Indicates
The addition of direct-fed microbials has been shown to maintain performance in ruminants, including dairy, for the support of optimal rumen function. The ingredients in Equalize™ Dairy have been shown through extensive laboratory testing to maintain performance of the cow.  Maintaining the health of high-performing animals not only improves how efficient they are, but also supports their lifetime productivity. The modern dairy cow is the most metabolically-active animal in livestock production; it’s important to recognize that poor feedstuff quality, or even suspect feedstuff quality, can have significant consequences on performance.

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